Friday, December 28, 2012

I Like Thinking. I Think.

Last night, while thinking, I had a thought. (I hate it when this happens.) Here’s my thought (within a thought inside of a thought)  Humans are horribly troubled by pointlessness… it drives  us nuts.  We really need to believe that there is a point, a reason, a purpose, a meaning to life. The idea of some sort of afterlife fate that is shaped by what we do and how we do it and with whom we do it to/with inside this life is not only a crowd control mechanism used by the powerful, it’s also a common comfort for the ongoing, never ending, wake you up from a dead sleep pangs of pointlessness. But what if you don't take to any of those notions? From exactly where then, is your point?
Most animals seem to find the mechanics of life, the activity of staying alive.. just purpose enough. Kill or be killed kind of thing.  Human animals…well see, that’s a whole other beast.  In every damn sense of that word.  Staying alive is too easy for us to be a purpose, a point. We've been there. We've done that. If we've already mastered the meaning of life, what's left? Are we ever in the state of contentment or are we just always looking for the next point?  Even when we think we’re content? Hmph.
Now don’t get all up in a twist about the religion, the being, the politics of this post/rant…cause there ain’t  one.   Like I said earlier..I was thinking. Get it? THINKING.
Use your imagination. Dream your own purpose. Make up your own point. Just, you know, don't poke me with it. I'm just trying to survive over here and um…I’m trying to poke you.
Later. Love.T.

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